adidas Summer Championship

Refund Policy

Refund requests must be submitted to tournament director for approval. On all NCAA events refunds will not be given after 30 days prior to the date of the event. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Refunds on non-NCAA events will not be given after 10 days prior to the date of the event. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Approved refunds will only be issued by original payment type and to the person who made the original payment

Game Rules

NCAA Women's Basketball Rules will apply with the following exceptions.

• There will be a 5 second count on the dribble and the hold

• Games without a shot clock- there is to be a VISIBLE backcourt count

• Clock stops in the last minute of the game  

• Offensive team has the option to advance the ball under 59.9 after a called timeout 

• Teams will shoot 1 & 1 on the 7th team foul and 2 on the 10th

For platinum games only

- You do not get a new 10 second backcourt count when: 

     - You call a timeout in the backcourt 

     - Ball gets tipped out of bounds 

     - Held ball and possession arrow stays with the offensive team

     - Technical foul called on the offense 

Free throw is on release - Players are allowed 6 fouls

A minimum six-minute warm-up between games. Games begin at scheduled time. Game time is forfeit time. The tournament site director can allow 10 minutes for a team to arrive in special situations.

15 Minute Halves

The tournament director has the right to forfeit a game if a team does not have its starting five ready to play at the scheduled tip off time.

CLOCK - If a team is behind by 30 points or more in the second half we will go to a running clock and no pressing is allowed.

Time-Outs, 2 Full / 2 - 30 second Time-Outs per game.

Half-Time = 4 Minutes

Overtime: All Overtime games will begin 2 minutes after regulation play 3 minute each overtime game. Clock stops on all whistles. One additional Time-Out allowed with unused carry-over. Player fouls and team fouls carry-over.

The home team will provide the Scorekeeper and the Visiting team will provide the Timekeeper

Each Team must bring your own basketballs to warm up with.

Each Team must BRING YOUR OWN MEDICAL SUPPLIES: there will be A TRAINER on site if needed.

Players age is based on Grade Only. All coaches MUST have each player's report card on hand at each tournament in case of a protest. If you cannot provide a report card with the player's name, with a date on the report card to prove that it is a current report card, then the player must sit out until proof is given.

A player can only play with ONE CLUB, ONE TEAM in ONE DIVISION in this tournament unless approved by the tournament director before the tournament begins.

3 Stripe has the right to approve a team and or a player to play down in a division if approved before the tournament begins. You must talk to the tournament director, no exceptions. Our goal is to provide competitive games.

Clock Keeper and Score Table

For scoreboard purposes the team in light colored jerseys will be the home team and will sit to the right of the scorers table (when facing the court). Home team is the Top Team on the Gauntlet Series App.

For scoreboard purposes the team in dark colored jerseys will be the visiting team and will sit to the left of the scorers table (when facing the court). Visiting Team is the Bottom Team on the Gauntlet Series App.

On the game schedule, the team listed first or on top is 'home' and will wear light colored jerseys. Each team is responsible for their own jerseys... bring 2 different colored jerseys or reversible 2-colored jerseys with you to each game. Each team must provide their own warm-up balls. The home team provides the game ball.

Pool Play Tie Breaker

1. In any situation where two (2) teams are tied, head-to-head competition between the teams will determine the winner.

2. If more than two (2) teams tie, a point differential tiebreaker will be applied. The point differentials of the teams involved in the tie are totaled. Teams are then ranked according to the sum of the point differential - with the highest number placing above the second highest point total and the third highest point total next. (The maximum that you can beat a team and still gain an advantage is 15 points.)

3. If two (2) teams are still tied after the application of the formula, go back to rule number 1 to break the tie.

4. If more than two (2) teams are still tied after the application of the formula, the point differentials of the team(s) not involved in the tie are added, and the results recalculated.

5. The score of all forfeits shall be 15-0

6. If there is still a three-way tie, a three-way flip of the coin will determine team placement